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The Computer Science Program At UMW

Computer Science provides the kind of dynamic, interactive work environment few fields can match. Software developers and analysts invariably work in teams to tackle cutting-edge projects. We join forces with scientists, doctors, military commanders, social psychologists, and others to produce solutions that are bigger than the sum of their parts. We enjoy the satisfaction of working with our peers to make a common vision become reality. Computer software is probably the most malleable medium invented for human artistry. Unlike the gadgets of the industrial revolution, which were hardwired to a single purpose, computer software essentially mimics the fluidity of the human mind, making it extensible in any direction the author sees fit. Because of this, in Computer Science, we don’t just study what “is,” but we define what is. Our goal is to invent, create, and solve problems in exciting new ways. We offer three choices for students majoring in Computer Science: the Traditional Program, the Computer Information Systems Concentration, and the Geographic Information Systems Concentration. Each is tailor-made for a challenging and practical course of study and paves the way for a dynamic career path and advanced study in the major. We also offer a minor in Computer Science for students majoring in other disciplines and offer courses in support of the interdisciplinary Data Science minor. Students have opportunities for individual study, undergraduate research, and internships at technical firms, government offices, or software development agencies. The academic and research programs in Computer Science are supported by a network of computer systems that employ Solaris, Linux, and Windows operating systems. If you would like to see some of my code, you can go to my github at