Week 5 Weekly Summary

At last the final week is here, and this will be my last weekly summary.  Well this class was interesting to say the least.  For this final week, I had to use all the skills that I either learned or reinforced during these last five weeks.  I didn’t have many problems with doing this, the only real problems I ran into was time to do the final project, having to find a new video editor because I apparently reached my limit for the number of videos I could create using videopad,  and what I would actually write the story for my final project about.  I first problem was easily solved, the second required me to learn how to use WeVideo to create videos which was not too hard either just troublesome.  The last problem was where I truly had difficult with, I just couldn’t come up with a theme for my story.  I ended up looking through my past assignments for some ideas, decided upon the theme of reverse when I was looking at my reversed song assignment.  I think the idea I based my story off of was not that unique but I do believe that the story I wrote is a unique story.  I also believe that my final project shows what I’m trying to do with my digital story quite well.  With my digital story I have always aimed to create weird and funny media that when people see it, they will at least get a small chuckle out of it.  I think of digital storytelling as I would a movie, there are many genres such as comedy, drama, mystery, and adventure just to name a few.  It is all up to the storyteller what genre or genres he/she will focus one.  In my case it was comedy, but there are many different types and each are targeted towards and helps develop a certain part of culture and society.  This project may just be a some piece of what our society thinks of when it thinks about comedy, but new media needs to be created to keep the “genres” of our culture alive and that is what I believe these assignments been all about.

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Week 4 Weekly Summary

Video week, saying that just reminds me of the song video killed the radio star.  Which it hasn’t!  Anyways, I did enjoy some this weeks work and some proved to be unsuspectingly difficult to do.  I guess I’ll start off with the unsuspectingly difficult one, which would turn out to be the one show a time lapse.  Which sounds easy I know but what you don’t think about is how other do you really stay in one location throughout a single day.  I did find a way around that problem, if you want to know read my post, but I also found out about a cool tool in the iphone’s camera arsenal.  There is a feature that allows you to take a video, normal right but here is where it gets cool, but before it saves the video it puts the video in fast forward so you only see a very short clip.  This feature was designed for making a time lapse video, so instead of taking a whole bunch of 1-2 second videos I just took one continuous video and I think it turned out better then if I did it the other way.  With this feature I was able to capture the entire day instead of just snippets in the amount of video.  The assignment that I enjoyed the most was compilation video about Marvel.  At the end of the video decide to put that extra scene because I had already downloaded it so why not use it.  Also the Deadpool waving scene at the end was just a happy accident I made while editing which I decided to keep because I thought it was a nice fit.  Now time for me to tell you how I think the assignments I did this week affect our society and culture.  I’m going to stick with the points I have already made in my past posts.  The main reason that I enjoy making this digital art because I believe that when someone comes across it on the internet then it may bring them some joy or maybe bring up some happy memories; either one is good with me.  As society and culture as a whole, I think my art is just adding to giant array of already existing art on the internet and for the most part may just fade into the crowd.  However for there to even be a crowd, then people or in this case art has to be created and added to the crowd.  I like to think of it as me helping to keeping the art that makes up digital storytelling alive.

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Weekly Summary of Week 3

Liked this week, mostly because of how much I enjoy music.  I also had a leg up during this week because during my freshman year of college I ended up taking a basic level course about music where I learned the fundamentals about music and gained some experience with mess around with audio files, which is what helped the most.  However, I have never used Audacity or Sound Cloud before of which I found to be useful skills for me to have.  Audacity because the audio program that I used before was centered around a simulated piano where as Audacity is centered around manipulating audio files.  The videos about audio storytelling where somewhat helpful, but didn’t tell me much that I didn’t know already.  My favorite assignment for this week was the one I titled “Can you guess what it is?” where I had to reverse a song and was also the first assignment that I did.  Doing this assignment helped me get use to Audacity and I’m curious if anyone who reads this or the actual post can figure out what song it is.  Overall my work alone does not have a significant impact on our society or cultural.  However, if you gather many different assignments like this that were created by many different people then it can show certain aspects of our society and culture.  For example if you gathered the reversed song assignment from many different people then figure out the song for each, you could see what type of music the majority of people listen to and what they don’t listen to.  This can be very telling about our society and culture.  With all the fun I had this week messing around with audio files and using this class as an excuse to listen to a lot of music the thing I like the least about this week was the I did not have a chance to make many fun things or geeky references.

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Weekly Summary of Week 2

To be honest, this week was a difficult week.  Not because of the work though, it was about finding the time to sit down and actually do said work.  Between having to work extra hours during the week and then it being a holiday week made things difficult.  Granted I’m partly to blame because there were times that I could’ve done work instead of other things.  Besides that I enjoyed the assignments for the week.  Some of my favorite ones were when I created a gif to one of my favorite movies and when I created the Hulk smash trading card.  It was also interesting because I never create a gif before so that was a first for me but thanks to the internet it turned out to be fairly simple to do.  Like last week I still don’t see how my work affects society or our cultural.  The only thing you could say about my work is that promotes some movies that are popular in society and that some it will bring a smile to the random person who comes across it.

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Weekly Summary of Week 1

This was the first week of my experience with ds106.  It was interesting to say the least, like I never thought I would actually create a twitter account, it’s just not my cup of tea.  I did enjoy some of the assignments thought, mostly because it allowed me to think outside the box to come up with different solutions to them.  For example, one of the daily creates was to post a picture of what you saw in this person’s future and I posted a picture of a cake because I can guarantee that there will be cake in almost everyone’s’ futures.  I did have some difficult at first using some photo editing software because it was completely new to me, but given some time I was able to figure it out.  I guess one of the things I could do better for the next week is to try and crave a little extra time out of my week after I get home from work to work on these assignments.  For this week I don’t see my work particularly causing any issues, but I can see how this type of work could cause change in society.  I believe it all depends on the goal that the creator has in mind when creating their work, me I was just trying to give people a little enjoyment from my assignments and that is good enough for me.

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