It’s Alive!

Well it’s not technically live seeing that it is a ukulele, but you get the general idea. It’s finished now but after my post last night I ended up going to two music stores to get the strings and tuners that it need as well as Lowes for some hinges to add onto one end. I was also able to glue on some parts to make the neck look nicer as well as some wood dowels to help support the strings. I did have to go to the Thinklab this morning to hot glue the tuners into the head, but that is about it. The only thing left to do is put the strings on and see how good or bad it sounds.

Almost there!

I have been working for a while on this cardboard project. I’m trying to make a ukulele out of cardboard, and I have made some pretty good progress on the project. I started out by cutting out the pieces for the body of the instrument and glue them together.

From there I went on to do the same thing for the neck pieces.

After that I went on and glued all the neck pieces and body pieces together to form something that looked somewhat like a ukulele.

With that I am off to go shopping for the few parts that I am missing and finishing it up before tomorrow’s class.

I don’t fail often but when I do I go all the way!

I have already done three prints and they have all gone perfectly. Yesterday I tried to do my fourth print which was a light switch plate for a custom light switch that a friend of mine wanted. It was came out to be a three hour job so yesterday I went to the lab after my last class yesterday and tried to print it. For the first two hours everything went perfectly without and glitches. I noticed that it failed at two and half hours, but it didn’t just failed it failed quite spectacularly because the printer actually broke. When I checked on it the base plate dropped about an inch and the motor in the tip blew. I must say that was an interesting turn of events, on a happier note did you guys know that February is library lovers’ month.

Here is a picture right before the printer it got it’s bad attitude.