What is this Place?
This is an eportfolio and blog by James "Kenny" Campbell.
What can be found here?
Under the general portion of the website you can find some of the work that I have done in my class as well as my resume. Under the "Hey, what’s that?" section you can find my blog that as posts from my digital story telling class and my Tinkering, Hacking, and Making in the Digital Age.

Hey, what's that?

About me

My name is James Campbell, but my friends know me as Kenny. When I was younger I participated in the Boy Scouts of America; I started when I was in first grade and continued on, achieving Eagle Scout along the way, till I graduated from high school and enrolled in college. I decided to major in computer science because for me, programing was like solving a puzzle and was quite enjoyable. I also enjoy testing computer security on systems and seeing where the security could be improved. In college I am a part of Association for Computing Machinery, and the Commuter Student Association.